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23 September 2010 @ 10:26 am
Achtung! Cabaret - Attack of the B-Movies - Saturday 6th November  
Achtung! Cabaret

Achtung! Cabaret is a night unlike any other in Norwich. Set at Norwich’s finest cabaret venue, The Talk, you’ll be treated to a range of performances, from saucy burlesque, fun oddities, innovative acts, to the downright kinky.

Our resident DJs Mikki and Mz_Pink entertain you inbetween acts, and crank up the volume for some dancing after the other shows. Tunes range from goth and industrial to sleazy rock and frilly jazz.

All of us here at Achtung! Cabaret are proud to officially announce that our next event will be held on Saturday, 6th November 2010! The theme for the night is B-Movies, providing you with a rich and varied breadth of tropes to draw ideas from, including retro sci-fi, shlock horror and (s)exploitation, to name but a few.

To make the night special, we have enlisted the considerable talents of Kimera Hydra, Miss Elyssia, Panthera, and Ropesluts. Prepare to be titillated, roped, enthralled or worse!

On top of our range of excellent performances, expect a range of surprises to culminate in a truly unforgettable night!

Tickets for our 6th November B-Movie themed event will be available soon from our online tickets page, or from The Rock Collection, Norwich. They are a very affordable £10 per person if bought before October, and £12 if bought thereafter.
Tickets available to over 18s only.

The event will once again be held in the main room of The Talk, on Oak Street in Norwich.
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