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24 July 2008 @ 10:55 am
Limited Audience has now joined in with the Facebook mania - to friend us, you can find us here -
http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1378916663 or search for Limited Audience.
While Clips4Sale has ground to a halt, I thought I would take the time to let people know the next Achtung! Cabaret (formally Achtung! Fetish Celebration) will be on Saturday 27th September. What with wedding season upon us, I wonder if it would be worth making save the date cards. ;p
05 May 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Think you know what Limited Audience looks like? Look again!

Frank has been busy working away to give Limited Audience a face lift.

"After many years of the same look, we decided it was time to spruce things up a little. Thus it is with pleasure that we unveil the new look for Limited Audience today.

Along with pretty new graphics we have also introduced some new functionality and updated others. As with any new technology, there might be some bugs, so if you spot anything unusual, let us know.

Specific changes:

  1. New Preview area with weekly samples
  2. Photostory previews
  3. Contact form
  4. New slideshow for galleries
  5. Bigger thumbnails for easier navigation"
25 April 2008 @ 10:57 am
Catch up with the fun you missed, or have yourself reminded of the fun you had with the Achtung! Video Teaser - see below:

Doors Open
“Professor Copafeel’s Mystical Energy”
Diva Hollywood - “The Evolution of Woman”
“The Nature of Burlesque”
Dixie Licious & Warren Speed - “French Mime”
Diva Hollywood - “She”
Special Presentation by Nua
Warren Speed & Dixie Licious - “Dominatrix & Gimp”
Best Costume Awards, sponsored by thebwi.co.uk
Doors Close

Achtung! Fetish Celebration
Achtung! Fetish Celebration

Big Prize to be Won!
The best outfit at our upcoming event, as voted for by our judges and audience, wins a free place at the Ultimate Burlesque Workshop Norwich, worth £199! Kindly donated by the Burlesque Women's Institute (http://www.thebwi.co.uk/).
Arhh work, it gets in the way of life sometimes doesn't it?

Sorry about the lack of updates, but for those of you who have missed seeing the weekly Limited Audience covers, they can be found by clicking here. To make up for it though, below are some picture preview pictures of Blossom Blois, Elyssia, Scarlett, Catya, Gestalta, B, Nattsuko and Asphyxia which have all featured recently.

Damsel in distress Blossom Blois gagged, tied and chainedDamsel in distress Elyssia bound and gaggedDamsel in distress Scarlett manacled and chained upDamsel in distress Catya manacled and gagged to a treeDamsel in distress Gestalta chair tied and cleave gaggedDamsels B Deadly and Nattsuko gagged and tiedBit gagged damsel Nattsuko lead by AsphyxiaDamsel in distress Elyssia is bound with hands tied behind back
Damsel in distress Brede is tied and gagged
Damsel Gestalta chairtied and gagged

This week at Limited Audience Brede endures a series of bondage trials in order to make her crack, but she holds out to the last; and Gestalta takes part in a college prank which goes to far and leaves her chair tied and gagged.
B Hogtied to Bench
Dominick Destruction staked and gagged

This week at Limited Audience B finds herself hogtied to a park bench (the fear begins when you realise you just never know when it's going to get cold and rain!) and Dominick Destruction is left staked and bit gagged in the grass at the hight of summer with no suntan lotion on.

In other news, The next Achtung Fetish Celebration date has been confirmed as Saturday 5th April - for more information please visit Achtung-Fetish-Celebration.co.uk

Over the previous week at Limited Audience Brede ended up handcuffed in the second half of Surprise Backfire, we had a new model Elyssia starring in A Fresh Recruit and Rebekka Raynor returned bit gagged and manacled in the second part of Dominatrix Bound.

To read and see more, please visit Inside Limited Audience.